Serving Africa

Lifting African entrepreneurship to the top.
Build and transform
Lifting African entrepreneurship to the top.
Develop and innovate
Lifting African entrepreneurship to the top.
Lift and hold on top

Our values

Seeking the highest level of performance by continuously improving our management skills and practices.
Work together in a spirit of creativity and mutual respect in order to achieve common and thereby individual goals.
Always observe the highest standards of ethics, honesty and responsibility.
Provide the best quality of service to our customers with maximum rigor and efficiency.
Act with transparency, clarity, fairness and objectivity.
The ability to think creatively is a gift that we all have, and we are determined to use it to the fullest. We will never be satisfied with the status quo.
Reaching the ultimate level of productivity and efficiency.

Our Missions

Support for business development

Support for business development

Financial engineering and relations with financial actors

Financial engineering and relations with financial actors

Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development...

IT, Research and Development

IT, Research and Development


Our reason for being

Our observation of the African entrepreneurial sphere made it possible to highlight the following facts:

1- There is an important contrast between the availability of African skills and the weakness of entrepreneurship.

2- Access to appropriate funding for projects and activities is still difficult

3- Insufficient support and entrepreneurship structures

4- Information asymmetry between funding structures and project leaders

5- Lack of support in ...

Our philosophy

Promote Africa in the eyes of the world, by working around a successful endogenous initiative.’

EOM CONSULTING is therefore a team of lovers of Africa animated by a dream, that of raising it to the top; and to make every entrepreneur on the continent a leader in their field, a world reference.

The structure wants to stand out by promoting activities that respect Islamic values.

EOM CONSULTING - Serving Africa

Our team


The promoter of the consulting firm EOM CONSULTING is an ex-banker.

He has almost 15 years of experience in banking.

He has exercised in many highly technical and managerial functions.

We see recruitment as the first step in an integration curriculum. Each position for which we recruit leads us to set up specific selection stages, the objective being always the same: to detect the adequacy between a person and a position.

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